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BEST-SELLING SERVICE: Social Media Marketing

With my custom visual calendars,  in-depth hashtag research,  powerful advertising copy,  and dedicated community engagement, my paid and organic social media strategies have bolstered businesses of all scales.


Blogs, brand packages, location pages, newsletters, sales copy— my SEO-oriented content writing experience has encompassed copy for record labels, publishers, digital marketing companies, the aesthetics industry, and many more.

Creating quality content in Victoria, B.C, and around the world

Whether you’re a long-time non-profit owner, the founder of a new start-up, or an entrepreneur looking to start your first venture, let’s face it: there aren’t enough hours in the day to manage your customer base, promote your business online, and  effectively drive sales while juggling your daily tasks. 

In fact, I’ll wager that there are some days you feel as though you wouldn’t know where to start even if you did have the time. And besides, wouldn’t you rather take a day off (a real day off!) instead of wracking your brain over how to elevate your sales?

That’s where I come in. Book your free discovery chat with me to determine which of my service packages best suit your brand’s needs and which mediums will benefit your marketing goals. 

Whether it be social media strategy and community management, SEO-driven website copy, or ghostwritten email segmentation, let me be your one-stop shop for all things writing and business-related… and be sure to scroll just a bit further to hear why I may be the fit you’re looking for!



Looking to drive sales?

Looking to facilitate interaction with your target audience?

Looking to build brand reputation?


Social Media Marketing

Increase brand awareness, improve leads, expand your customer base, bolster conversions, and gain marketplace insights through your own specialized social media marketing strategy.


Content Writing

 Have done-for-you website copy that attracts quality leads,  build brand  authority through on-brand SEO-driven web content, and wow potential clients with professional press releases, YouTube scripts, slogans, and more.



Email Marketing

Grow your open rates, ROI, and email lists with curated email marketing campaigns and newsletters designed to expertly automate your sales cycles, make your insights measurable, and streamline your customer relations processes. 



... and Much More

 Whether you’re a non-profit, small business, or solopreneur, keep scrolling to learn how I can bolster YOUR brand.

About Me

I’m 4″11, which means you could say that the phrase “Good things come in small packages” was meant for me!

But let’s start from the top:  my name is Emma Sloan, and what I lack in height I make up for with the ability (and passion) to help your business thrive. 

Having spent the majority of my life surrounded by entrepreneurs, small business owners, and heads of non-profits, I was floored by the amount of time brands spend just trying to keep afloat. That’s where I come in.

I am:

  • A digital marketer of 5+ years
  • An accredited writer with 100+ publications
  • A Writing and Publishing major of the University of the Victoria 
  • A certified social media marketer, email marketer, and content writer

New to the Wee Writer? Leaf through my previous contracts here.


“Emma Sloan worked for Meridia Publishers for a remote freelance writing project during the summer of 2018. She ghostwrote three brand packages targeting specific audiences for a children’s book marketing series campaign. Her deliverables were professional, creative, and are currently used for their intended purpose.

Before writing the requested packages, she researched our company by visiting our website, the website for the children’s book series, and even downloaded a sample of an available book to gain further understanding of the story and its characters. In doing so, she really hit the mark. She exceeded expectations with her finished product.

I believe hiring Ms. Sloan for a project within your organization would be a great investment; her character, good work ethic, and self-motivation are qualities any company should seek to recruit and retain.”

Laura Juska

Owner of Meridia Publishers

“During her time at Cordova Bay Records label, Emma proved herself to have strong communicative skills, a vast knowledge of social media platforms, [and] strong technical writing skills. Even when faced with a challenge, Emma is able to assess the task, ask questions with confidence, and delivery quality work.”

Danielle Sweeney

Cordova Bay Records

Cadence was in need of a professional web content creator and social media specialist. Emma wasted no time as we went straight into the discovery process. She quickly acclimated herself to our marketing directives, culture, and brand core values.

Emma took on a variety of tasks for Cadence like SEO-driven blog and article writing, content creation for clients’ social platforms, social media advertising, and online community management. Emma met all deadlines presented to her amidst a rapidly changing editorial calendar.

Emma is a bright, motivated and resourceful professional content creator and writer. She’s sure to enhance any company’s digital strategy. I highly recommend Emma Sloan.”

Gordon Paterson

Founder of Cadence Creative Studio

With pleasure, I recommend [Emma] based on her written communication skills, punctuality, and positive, professional attitude. Emma’s work for Stories to Change the World was accomplished remotely. Even from a distance, I found her to be easily trained and receptive.

She offered ideas and personal perspective in a way that was easy to respond to and trust. She was reliable in terms of both quality and timeliness. She initiated communications with me throughout the project, holding a tone of poise and clarity. With her, I always felt safe and respected. Additionally, the writing she produced for us was of high quality; it gave me a deeper insight into how the work we were doing contributed to the world. I would definitely contract with her again; Emma would be a great addition to any team.

A. Thompson

Co-owner of Stories to Change the World

Set Your Goals and We’ll Beat Them. 

Punctual, affordable, and quality outsourced work has never been more important. Seeking an experienced social media marketer? On the hunt for a copywriter who won’t ghost you midway through the interview process? You’re not alone. Modern life is too busy to be securing a reliable contractor. It should be easy—and with the Wee Writer, it will be.