Hey! I’m Emma, the Founder of The Wee Writer

I’m 4”11, which means you could say that the phrase “Good things come in small packages” was meant for me!

But let’s start from the top: my name is Emma, and what I lack in height I make up for with the ability to help your business thrive.

Over the past 6+ years, I’ve grown The Wee Writer in order to help individuals, digital marketing agencies, and small-to-medium sized B2B and B2C businesses excel at what they do best by optimizing what they don’t: content marketing.

I am:

  • A certified digital marketer, copywriter, and editor of 7+ years
  • An accredited journalistic, business, and creative writer with 100+ publications under my belt
  • A Writing and Publishing major of the University of Victoria

Are you exhausted by decision fatigue because your content marketing is unclear?

Do you know it’s time to step back from trying to do it all to instead re-focus on your strength: running your business?

Done-for-you content marketing is your business’s not-so-secret path to success. Let The Wee Writer show you why.

How the Wee Writer Came to Be

The Wee Writer was founded in 2015 here in British Columbia, Canada. Since then, I have used it to provide expert social media and writing services to 100+ clients and counting across Canada, the UK, the USA, and Asia.

Industries The Wee Writer serves includes:

  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Coaching and consulting
  • Music
  • Real estate
  • Travel
  • Staffing and recruitment
  • Fashion
  • Trades
  • SaaS
  • Beauty

…And so much more! 

How The Wee Writer Stays Flexible, Affordable, and 100% Bespoke

As a business, The Wee Writer sources talent from a reservoir of fully distributed content writers and content creators that are experts in their field.

While I spearhead all projects, to ensure that your needs are met in a timely, well-communicated, and optimized way you may be assigned a dedicated content writer or content creator of your own who will know your industry (and unique business needs!) like the back of their hand.


“Emma Sloan worked for Meridia Publishers for a remote freelance writing project during the summer of 2018. Her deliverables were professional, creative, and are currently used for their intended purpose.

I believe hiring Ms. Sloan for a project within your organization would be a great investment; her character, good work ethic, and self-motivation are qualities any company should seek to recruit and retain.”

-Laura Juska, owner of Meridia Publishers


“During her time at Cordova Bay Records label, Emma proved herself to have strong communicative skills, a vast knowledge of social media platforms, [and] strong technical writing skills. 

Even when faced with a challenge, Emma is able to assess the task, ask questions with confidence, and deliver quality work.”

-Danielle Sweeney, Cordova Bay Records


“With pleasure, I recommend [Emma] based on her written communication skills, punctuality, and positive, professional attitude. Emma’s work for Stories to Change the World was accomplished remotely. Even from a distance, I found her to be easily trained and receptive.

She offered ideas and personal perspective in a way that was easy to respond to and trust. She was reliable in terms of both quality and timeliness. With her, I always felt safe and respected; Emma would be a great addition to any team.“

-Alexis Thompson, co-owner of Stories to Change the World


“Cadence was in need of a professional web content creator and social media specialist. Emma wasted no time as we went straight into the discovery process. She quickly acclimated herself to our marketing directives, culture, and brand core values.

Emma is a bright, motivated and resourceful professional content creator and writer. She’s sure to enhance any company’s digital strategy. I highly recommend Emma Sloan.”

-Gordon Paterson, founder of Cadence Creative Studio


“Emma is a careful, deeply intelligent, intentional writer. More than that, her work ethic, timelines and regular contact created a foundation of trust that have made each time I hire her a really fantastic experience. She follows guidelines, but also goes beyond to think through things and offer new ideas without being attached to them. In short, she’s the bomb.”

 -Gillie Easdon, professional writer


“Emma did an electronic press kit, and some social media work for us between 2016-2018 and was always fantastic. Great communication, very professional service and very knowledgeable in her field. We’d highly recommend her!”

-Jamie White, The Villanovas


 “Emma is very communicative, and does a great job with social media work and content writing. She was very quick and delivered ahead of schedule.”

-Bruce Jackson, professional publicist 


“Thanks for the great Facebook work done and for the social media and blog recommendations to help grow [my business]!”

-Sue Turner, Strut Orthotics


“Emma has been a fantastic writer and interviewer for Concrete Garden Magazine. Her strong research and technical skills shine through. Thanks for all [her] hard work!”

-Katie Underwood, Concrete Garden Magazine


“It has been an absolute joy to work with [Emma]. [She] has always done such brilliant work and will be truly missed as a valuable part of our team!”

 -Emily Nicholson, 100 Pound Social


“During her time with Kirsten Foss Coaching, Emma has proven herself to be 100% dependable with her clients and team deliverables, has fantastic attention to detail and her communication is always impeccable and professional.” 

-Kirsten Foss, owner of Kirsten Foss Coaching

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