“I couldn’t believe the response! Thanks for helping me FINALLY get traffic to my site.” ~Jamila M. Kang, founder of Anxiety&Kimbap.

Back in 2019, we here at The Wee Writer had the opportunity to work with our first Korean client: the wholly quirky, wholly unique, and, of course, wholly refreshing enamel pin producer Anxiety&Kimbap.

Here’s how we offered a blended consulting and marketing approach to set new sales records for A&K:

Our Approach to Anxiety&Kimbap

Beginning in the summer of 2019, A&K approached The Wee Writer to help them with their goal of bettering their online presence and seeing an influx of sales for the remainder of the summer season, which was traditionally slow when compared to the ever-hot Christmas market.

After having a complimentary video meeting with their founder in order to determine her goals, budget, timeline, and existing marketing endeavours, she picked a customized package from our social media services and were able to get the ball rolling ASAP.

The business objectives of A&K consisted of three main points: 

  • A significant increase of traffic to A&K’s Etsy shop (a minimum of a 40% increase)
  • The generation of at least 10 authentic positive customer reviews on Etsy
  • Setting up and determining which social media platforms (out of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) should be the first choice for A&K’s promotion of products in the future
  • Securing their first 100 social media followers on at least one of those three platforms

This was to be done using a combination of intensive market research, strong copywriting and creative social media curation, and a budget of under $100 CAD split between the three social media platforms.

How We Succeeded

We delivered on our promises through the following actions:

  • The installation and tracking of Etsy page web traffic via Google Analytics (completed in under two business days)
  • In-depth market research (completed in under four business days)
  • The creation of promotional content and scheduling across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (submitted for client approval in under one week)
  • Hands-on community management for Twitter in lieu of paid advertising due to South Korea’s banned status on the platform (delivered three times a week)
  • Executing a two week-long advertising campaign across Instagram, Twitter, and Instagram with an average PPC rate of $0.25 CAD (monitored daily)

The Results

We didn’t just meet A&K’s goals: we smashed them!

During our contracted two months of digital advertising, A&K enjoyed the following:

  • A 90% profile visit increase across all three platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
  • A 60% increase in Etsy page traffic 
  • 17 of the 29 reviews on A&K’s Etsy store at the time being generated during our campaign 
  • Both their Instagram and Facebook pages gaining over 100 followers each
  • The establishment of Facebook and Instagram being A&K’s priority social media platforms moving forward

Check Out Anxiety&Kimbap For Yourself

Now a Star Seller on Etsy, A&K continues to sell accessories and goods based on South Korean pop culture. They ship internationally and, to date, have nearly 400 Etsy reviews… all of which are glowing!

We here at The Wee Writer were thrilled to lend a hand back when A&K was just a start-up. If you’re looking for an unforgettable gift that doesn’t break the bank, we can’t recommend A&K’s Etsy shop highly enough.

Looking to hear how we can help you with a similar project? Reach out today to set up a complimentary Discovery Call.