Carly Grabher is the proud wearer of many hats, and it only takes a quick glance at her repertoire to see why!

Currently serving clients across Canada, Carly has quickly set herself apart by being both formidably talented and deeply passionate about her work.

Let’s dive into what she’s been up to:

What does your business specialize in and what kind of demographic do you serve?

“I offer freelance writing, podcast consulting, graphic design and marketing services, and I currently specialize in website copy, social media copy and branding.

“As a graduate of the Creative Writing program at The University of Victoria (UVic) and Graphic Design program at The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), I have a trained eye for impactful writing and design that work harmoniously. In addition to my writing and design background, I have acquired knowledge about entrepreneurship through my podcast. In Fall 2019, I was inspired to create and host my own podcast called “Suited Up.” Suited Up answers career quandaries for prospective, creative entrepreneurs.

“Through the podcast, I have interviewed some of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs on their business strategies, which has enriched my own design and writing process. What sets me apart as a creative in this industry is that my writing and design style is bold and memorable—but, most importantly, always informed by prolific research on the business for which I am writing and designing. Every font selection, colour palette and word choice is intentionally made for optimal impact in my client’s industry. I am always eager to take on clients who are willing to be bold so that they can be trendsetters in their industry instead of carbon copies of their competitors. In essence, I create for leaders.”

Tell us about yourself. What first got you working in your industry? What motivates you to do the work that you do?

“I’ve always been passionate about storytelling, and helping brands tell their stories felt like an exciting career choice. What keeps me engaged with this work is that the landscape for writing, design and marketing is constantly changing as technology and social media evolve. So, the challenge I set for myself is writing and designing content that won’t just look good today but will also have an impact tomorrow.”

What is your biggest accomplishment as a service provider?

“With regards to freelance work, what I am most proud of is that time and time again, clients come back to ask if I can take on another project because they enjoyed working with me so much the first time. That always feels like a great accomplishment.

“I am also especially proud of having now produced two seasons of my podcast. The second season (and half of the first season) was entirely produced during the pandemic, which came with its own set of challenges. Before COVID-19 restrictions, I was recording episodes in-person in a recording studio. Once restrictions were in place, it was a huge learning curve to figure out remote recording. I am proud that I took on that challenge and produced high-quality content when I could’ve said, “I’ll just wait out the pandemic to resume recording.”

What are three things clients should know about the value you provide?

“Being both a writer and a graphic designer is a bit of a rarity in this industry. (Usually, folks specialize in one or the other.) This is what makes working with me particularly valuable because I can create content that tells a consistent story about a client’s brand. I know the entrepreneurial experience, having interviewed many entrepreneurs from all different industries for my podcast. So, I understand a client’s priorities as a business owner.

“As someone who can assist with branding and marketing, I can help get a client’s brand established and then continue working with them in a marketing capacity to help their business grow. (This is especially invaluable for startups.)”

Where else can people find your business?

“My LinkedIn.”

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