As a health and wellness writing expert, Katy of Eudaimonia Eutopia works with businesses who are passionate about their clients leading healthy, happy lifestyles.

Here’s your crash course on exactly what makes Katy and her brand so sought-after:

What does your business specialize in and what kind of demographic do you serve?

“My specialties are blog writing, social media management and content creation. A particular focus on Instagram and Tiktok when it comes to content creation. I work mostly with health and wellness brands but I’m not afraid to branch out! If there’s a business that needs their internet presence taken to the next level, I’m here for it!”

Tell us about yourself. What first got you working in your industry? What motivates you to do the work that you do?

“I started my business after spending over 5 years working in early childhood education. When the pandemic hit, I knew that teaching was not going to work for me. There were too many hurdles to jump over now and I was losing the little joy that I found in teaching to begin with. I had never intended to have a career in teaching anyway! I had fell into it and had always wanted to do something more creative that gave me freedom over my schedule and life.

“I’ve loved writing since I was a kid and it was one of the things I always excelled at in school. I’d heard of freelancing but wasn’t sure I would make the cut. It seemed like an oversaturated market. I wanted to give it a try anyway though and spent nine months building up my own business. After almost a year of careful planning, writing samples, putting together media kits and pitching for jobs, I was finally able to go full time with it. I just passed my one year mark recently and am on track for my highest earning month yet. Having control of my time and life again is what fuels me to continue to do this. I can’t imagine ever going back to a “normal job” again!”

What is your biggest accomplishment as a service provider?

“My biggest accomplishment has been achieving a full clientele and starting a wait list. To be in demand as a freelancer feels like I’ve made it!”

What are three things clients should know about the value you provide?

“When you work with me, it’s an all-in-one service. A one-stop-shop. I can cover the writing, content creation, and social media management for you. I also put an extra emphasis on gridding-if a client is on Instagram, I have a system I use to make sure the grid looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible! I also create everything a month in advance, so there’s no last minute edits or additions to make. You can sit back, relax, and let your online presence run with ease.”

Where else can people find your business?

“My Instagram.”

A note from The Wee Writer team:

While we now work with clients all around the globe, we owe our initial success to the kindness of our local community. That’s why we’re giving back!

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