As a UBC writing graduate and author of North Star Heart, Natasha Silva provides creative individuals across the Lower Mainland with a variety of content editing services.

Let’s hear more about Natasha’s journey not only as an entrepreneur, but as a creative:

What does your business specialize in and what kind of demographic do you serve?

“I am a published author passionate about sharing my own work and helping others achieve their publishing dreams. I can help through content editing: getting into the nitty gritty of your work and evaluating what’s working well and what isn’t. I’m also able to assist those curious about the publishing process and can share my experience as well as advice on how to become a published author.”

Tell us about yourself. What first got you working in your industry? What motivates you to do the work that you do?

“I’ve been pursuing creative writing since I was 12 years old after being introduced to it through a mentoring program with the grade 12s at my school. When I was 16, I majored in creative writing at the Langley Fine Arts school, went to UVic and studied creative writing there for two years and finally transferred to UBC where I completed my undergraduate degree. I’ve always been someone who thinks in stories so sharing them motivates me, accomplishing my longstanding goals motivates me, and just getting outside gives me the energy I need to see my projects to fruition.”

What is your biggest accomplishment as a service provider?

“My recent publication, North Star Heart, and my publications before that.”

What are three things clients should know about the value you provide?

“I have extensive experience as a writing worshipper: I know what it takes to find success as an entrepreneur in creative writing, and I’m as passionate about others projects as I am my own.”

Where else can people find your business?

“My Instagram.”

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