Social Media Marketing + Community Management


Business owners are expected to do too much: work with clients through every stage of the sales process, hire and train staff, be the face of their brand day in and day out, receive and respond to customer feedback, oversee advertising both online and offline… It’s dizzying, isn’t it? Doesn’t taking weekends and evenings off (properly off!) sound much more appealing than trying to keep afloat of the best digital marketing practices that you know will take your business’s profitability to the next level, but that seem to change every day? 

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is fully customizable for your distinct branding, is more cost-effective, has potential for global reach, and is easily measurable— but brands can find themselves struggling to keep their heads above water by diving in without realizing the amount of work has to be put into it for it to be worthwhile.

That’s where I come in: as a digital marketer of five years, I have worked with businesses within the esthetics, music, finance, consultation, and digital marketing industries across four countries to surpass their marketing goals.

Starting at $550.00 CAD (with discounts for singular tasks or social media marketing add-ons alongside my other service packages), I:

  • Execute paid advertising, organic marketing, and community management for up to five platforms
  • Create both paid and organic social media campaigns and strategies, provide content ideation, and craft implementation schedules
  • Collect customer data and analysis for monthly reports and for improving future scheduling, promotions, and content
  • Provide training and guidance to team members on best platform practices
  • Execute on-brand community engagement and management, including Facebook or LinkedIn group management
  • Compile competitive hashtag research and analyses
  • Create innovative, conversion-oriented landing pages and funnels 
  • Install website pixels for tracking purposes
  • Research demographics for ad-targeting purposes
  • Build ad audiences using up-to-date best practices

The result? Digital marketing that pays off long-term by honing in on your goals and elevating your brand identity. 

Among My Current and Previous Clients Are:

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