Recently, The Wee Writer had the pleasure of being covered in Subkit and The Go Solo Show’s ongoing “Go Solo” interview series.

As a “community that helps regular everyday people go solo and achieve work independence on their own terms”, Subkit and The Go Solo Show have combined efforts to offer a platform that helps entrepreneurs turn ‘one day’ into ‘day one’.

We were excited to be invited on and have the opportunity to share what our company is about and how it got its start. For those of you who may be new to us, let’s dive in.

What Kind of Services Does The Wee Writer Offer?

With a varied team of writers, editors, and project managers at the helm, the Wee Writer takes on the following content solutions in both creative and business-related respects:

  • Done-for-you content writing
  • Done-for-you content editing
  • Done-for-you subcontracting services

Since 2015, The Wee Writer has produced quality work for 100+ brands across 5+ countries, including partnering with award-winning brands like Art Fresh Inc.

Our most-requested content types include long-form blogs, blog outlines, landing page copy, press releases, video scripts, product and service descriptions, and, of course, social media calendars.

Social Media Calendars: A New Spin on Copywriting Services in Victoria (and Beyond!)

What do we mean by social media calendars?

That’s a great question!

To start, social media has become a large part of our culture today; it’s no wonder that businesses both large and small use social media to promote traffic to their physical and online locations. 

Statistics show that, as of 2022, the total active number of social media users is 57.6% of the population worldwide. This just goes to show how valuable social media is to business owners and customers alike: it promotes business and any new products that are coming out. 

The Wee Writer’s social media services offer a flexible investment based on your needs, with an average turnaround time of two weeks for your first batch of content. These services include:

  • Snappy captions personalized to your brand
  • Planned content that orbits around your monthly biz goals
  • Image-sourcing to ensure that, even if you don’t have a photographer on-hand, your social platforms can still tout high-quality images

How good would it feel to have your social media calendar for the month (or year!) done and dusted? We’ll tell you: really good!

Done-For-You Content Writing, Editing, and Subcontracting

The Wee Writer’s writing services are not limited to social media calendars: on the contrary, we offer a variety of writing, editing, and subcontracting services based on your needs and budget.

The industries we most commonly work with are:

  • Marketing
  • Music
  • Real Estate
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Coaching and Consulting
  • Healthcare 
  • Finance

Whichever of these content types you choose for your business, you can guarantee that the writing content is impeccable and ready to go the first time. 

Looking to learn more about The Wee Writer? Head on over to our interview today.