The Wee Writer: email marketing packages in Victoria, B.C

The Wee Writer: Email Marketing Packages

As a certified email marketing manager with 5+ years in the industry, I’ve had the pleasure of working with small-to-medium sized businesses across Canada, the U.S, the U.K, and South Korea to leverage their email marketing efforts. 

Did you know that email marketing is 40x more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined when it comes to new customer acquisition?

Email marketing is proven to be a personable, traffic-oriented, and conversion-rich digital marketing tactic that can help you elevate your business’s credibility— all the while driving sales.

The Wee Writer email marketing packages are split into per-project and per-hour pricings to fit your email marketing needs. While one-off projects can vary in scope, each Wee Retainer package encompasses:

  • Creating and automating email marketing campaigns, press releases, and/or newsletters to promote products or services
  • Developing personalized strategies to ensure marketing messages are conveyed clearly, delivered to the proper prospects, and are packaged in on-brand templates
  • Proofreading emails for brevity, grammar, clarity, and spelling
  • Optimizing messages for both mobile and PC
  • Purging non-deliverable email addresses/opt-outs
  • Tracking and analyzing marketing campaigns for improved future performance 
  • Integrating email segmentation and newsletters with new or existing funnels or social media promotions 
  • Using statistical analyses to generate monthly or bi-monthly reports 


The Wee Writer, Emma Sloan: email marketing solutions in Victoria, B.C
The Wee Writer, Emma Sloan: email marketing solutions in Victoria, B.C

When it comes to email marketing content tailored to your audience, a quick turnaround time, and reliable communication, not outsourcing can lead to content delays and a lack of strategic segmentation.

I’m proud to service individuals, small businesses, and agencies in the industries of:

  • Trades
  • Law
  • Beauty
  • Biometrics
  • Marketing
  • Orthotics
  • Dental
  • Non-profit
  • Music
  • Health and wellness
  • Publishing
  • Fashion

Having been in your shoes before, I understand first-hand the value of competitive rates. Here at The Wee Writer, each marketing package is tailor-made to fit your budget, your business, and your goals. The result? An approach that is 100% suited to your needs!

 Reach out with your project details to receive a customized quote today.

Current and Previous Wee Writer Clients and Partnerships Include: